How to get new Instagram followers


One of the main goal for any instagramer is to increase followers. Especially for a model or a person in the fashion or entertainment industry is becoming more and more important to grow and nurture a strong Instagram presence.

Everyone is looking how to get new Instagram followers

Instagram is one of the top and most engaged social media today. It has over 400 million users and when it comes to engagements is the best one. It has been calculated that for each post the average engagement is 7x more than Facebook

Instagram has recently enrolled its Ads network and it will be one of the fastest growing ads solution for the next years.

That said, why if you are model, actor or artist you need to have more Instagram followers?

Easy. Instagram allows you to promote yourself and reach new potential eyes everyday. When you reach hundred of thousands of people you start also to grab the attention of brands and companies.

When you are able to “influence” a certain amount of people you are also able to suggest them products and services. It’s called word of mouth or referral marketing and it’s one of the most effective marketing practice.

That’s when brands get interested in you. You can reach an audience they are interested in and be a brand ambassador. Today there are many web influencers out there gaining a lot of money just helping companies to promote their products on Instagram.

Why it’s even more important if you are a model or artist

So, why it is so important to get new Instagram followers? If you are an artist or a model you probably already know why.

If you already have many followers you already have an audience ready to hear your message and ready to “buy” the products you promote. When you go to a commercial casting, if casting director or the client, see that you already have an audience, they are more likely to hire you for the job because your are bringing them “new eyes” watching their brands.

Same thing when you do a movie audition or you meet your future manager. Here in Los Angeles, one of the first questions they ask you is “How many followers you have on Instagram?”

That’s why it’s so important for you to grow your Instagram followers.

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How many followers do you need?

There's not a precise number as a reply to this question. Of course the more you have the better it is but there are other things you need to consider.

Sometimes you can have over 10k to start getting your first collaboration requests, sometimes between 30k and 50k. It also depends on your industry and niche. Every brand has a target and that's what you need to consider when you grow your page.

Ask yourself : "What is my target?", "Who is my typical follower?" Imagine him, give him/her a name and try to understand his/her tastes and things he/she likes.

Are you in love with fitness? Try to post pictures related to that specific topic.

Are you in love with make-up? Try to post content in target with your ideal follower.


How to get new Instagram followers

So how can you reach new people and increase your Instagram followers?

There are many techniques out there, I am going to outline you the basic and then the advance one.


  • Post frequently: Each picture reaches the top engagement within the first three hours. So, if you post every three hours you'll have the top engagement on your page. It's not easy to keep up with a ratio like that, but I would say that posting three times a day is good enough.
  • Post at the right time: On Instagram the best time to post is during afternoon and evenings. It also depends on the area you live. Days are important too. Weekends have a good engagement and same thing for Mondays.
  • Create an appealing bio: Your bio is the first thing people will see on your profile. Try to make ti attractive and interesting.
  • Follow ad editorial plan: Try to post the same style of pictures and follow a unique style.
  • Follow other accounts, likes and comments them: If you want to attract people you need to grab their attention and be interested in what they do, especially people in your same industry. Follow them, like and comment their pictures in a genuine way.
  • Use hashtags: You can use up to 30 hashtags. Use all of them. Especially at the beginning. Look for the top tags based on your industry.


  • Shout4Shouts: This is one of the best ways to get new Instagram followers. A shout it's a mention, so you mention someone, with the same number of followers you have, and that account will do the same with you. In this way to invite your followers to follow a specific page and viceversa.
  • Paid Shouts: Paid shouts are the most effective way if you are willing to get new Instagram followers. The difference from the s4s is that you pay a bigger account to mention and post a picture of you. This is particularly effective with pages similar to your style. The cost depends on how big the page is. Here in Models Entourage we have created a monthly subscription packages where we shouts our models and artists on different pages in oder to make their followers grow.
  • Networking: As it happens in real life, also on Instagram relationships matter. In Models Entourage we have create a network of models and artists with the goal to grow on Instagram. Models and artists shout each other and grow together. You can do the same, creating different shouts group based on your industry or business.
  • Ask questions and start contest: Engaging with your audience is the best way to get more interactions and followers. Ask questions and ask to tag someone who may like your picture. Also, invite your followers to repost a picture of you and reward the winner with a free shout on your account.

What you can do

My advice is to focus on two or three social media. I suggest you Instagram and Snapchat. These are the two biggest social platforms today with a great potential for the next years.

Also, be sure to add your Snapchat id in your Instagram bio, so new followers can start following you.

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Click on the button below and get now the "14 essential rules to grow on Instagram". It's  a short bullet points guide with the essential rules you need to follow to get your first 10k followers! A special deal just for you!


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